Be a man and stand up for your rights!

Wanted: males being recruited to join the fight with women against inequality!

#HeForShe a campaign which has begun employing males to help end sexism and gender inequality, but some males still ask- how can I help? What does feminism do for me? Well hopefully this helps answer as we celebrate the males who have joined the Feminism fight.


Within today’s patriarchal system which has an evident macho culture (Read about macho culture issue here) – phrases such as ‘like a girl’ and ‘stop being a wimp’ get thrown around all the time, a detriment to males have the capacity to express their personality and emotions without fear of being labeled, stereotyped or shunned. Feminism is about changing gender roles, sexual norms and sexists practices which implicated both sexes whenever they deviate the societal standards- and that is just it, men are subjected to negativity within the traditional gender system, with many accepting the realities as normal. No one should be bullied or ignored if they do not fit within the traditional masculinity ideals as much as women should not be subjected to beauty standards: men should be able to dance, cry, laugh, dance, hug a mate, show their emotions and love freely.

Feminist are not passing the baton over to males asking them to fight the battle for them (that would defeat the person of women being able to independently fight for their rights- read opinion piece here) but men as social agencies should feel as though their contribution will help this generation and those to come. Imagine your mother, sister, cousin, friend, daughter not being able to receive an education, equal pay, the right to vote, sexual freedoms and hold powerful positions: well the truth is that is the harsh reality, black and white that women face everyday and while some progress is being made, men should not feel comfortable as Smith argues. (Read his article here) Men should not feel comfortable because they to are being subjected to the system: some men embarrassed to report abuse (Read alarming Australian statistics), causes of assault in army’s unreported, men told to tame their wives in they are violent towards them, men feeling as though

This quote from Noah Berlatsky’s opinion piece from the Atlantic really struck a chord with us, getting the core of our argument- that feminism is about equally liberating men and women from the confines of societal construct. (Read the whole text here)

“One of the major goals of feminism has always been empowerment: Women should be bosses, just like men. Women, including women of color, should be multi-millionaires who let their men know in no uncertain terms that they aren’t irreplaceable. If those are the only goals, then yes, there’s not a whole lot of reason for men to call themselves feminists, except perhaps in a secondary, supporting capacity.But I don’t think feminism is only about women’s empowerment—or, at least, there have been other feminisms, too. Specifically, feminism often takes the form of critique, especially of misogyny. This is often defined as the hatred of women, but in her book Whipping Girl, Julia Serano provides a broader definition. She says that misogyny is the “tendency to dismiss and deride femaleness and femininity.” In part, this involves deriding and devaluing women, but it also means devaluing any expression of femininity, no matter the gender of the person in question.”

There are so many noteworthy individuals and events that show males getting behind Feminism (thanks for making it cool!) and proving that Feminism should not be a ‘dirty’ word!

 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

After proclaiming himself as a Feminist on the Ellen De Generes show, the actor released a video on what the movement meant to him and wanted to spark conversation around what the word meant to other people on his HitRecord YouTube Channel- he has actually become of of our new heroes among the ladies we admire.

 “To me [feminism] doesn’t have to define who you actually are. You can be whoever you want to be, whatever you want to be, regardless of your gender.”

Watch the videos below; the speak for themselves!



Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari is not only making us clap for his incredible skills as a comedian but has made us jump for joy with his work for the feminism movement. On the David Letterman should, Aziz makes valid points on people’s reluctance to embrace feminism and how it is actually hurting society. Oh and any relevant analogy on the subject of feminist that mentions Beyoncé is clearly perfect in our books!

If these two cool kids on the block can’t convince you then this TedTalk by Jackson-Katz, which went viral in 2013 talks about violence and masculine, something that he says men need to fight against for their own benefit as well! The video truly in an inspiring manner speaks for itself.

If you are still not convinced let the wonderful work of BuzzFeed help:

What are your thoughts on male’s involvement on feminism? Men do you feel as though the Macho Culture does not allow you to express who you truly are?

Want to know what other males help run the word?  

Empower. Inspire. Change #RunTheWord


One thought on “Be a man and stand up for your rights!

  1. This campaign is so important, especially in a time when people are beginning to lose touch with the importance and need for feminism. Many prominent people are bringing this discussion to the foreground, and it is wonderful to see some fellas getting behind the cause! Anyone can be a feminist, and these guys are showing us how! R x


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