Dear Wonder Woman…

Dear Wonder Woman,

Since our childhood you have inspired us to believe in fighting crimes- crimes against gender, racial and age inequality and while we may not have sonic strength like you we have the power to be leaders with our voices and join movements to eliminate issues. Just like Beyoncé of the Spice Girls your Feminist girl power kicks patriarchy’s  butt in a comic book world dominated by males.


While you weren’t the first feminist superhero you have become the representative feminist icon, with a vision that your would be progressive and somewhat gender-reductive, and by that you total are. Your leadership and empowerment since the 40s has meant a balance against our male counterparts and we hope that people continue to fight for you ideals in contemporary society: with women and men fighting for equal rights in education and societal discourse. If you could run as a candidate we honestly think you would be the perfect president!


Your peaceful ways of bringing people together in conversation inspire us and if anyone was to play you in a movie, our pick would be Queen B. We totally agree with what one of your later creators said about you:

“Wonder Woman symbolises many of the values of the women’s culture that feminists are now trying to introduce into the mainstream: strength and self-reliance for women, sisterhood and mutual support among women, peacefulness and esteem for human life: a diminishing both of “masculine” aggression and of the belief that violence is the only way of solving conflicts.”

Thanks for making feminism shine as bright as your powers, it is not a dirty word that should be scruntised by politics and society- you continue to lift the glass ceiling and we will help!

You are not just a female iconic but a feminist icon that we hope will continue to inspire generations. We are so happy the next power of empowerment will be hitting the screens soon so please keep fighting against gender inequality and sexism. We know whom we will be dressing up as this Halloween.

Love From one girl to another!

Run The Word


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